About Our Repair

  • Computers and laptop repairs are done by experienced technicians on site. First, computer diagnosis is performed to detect potential problems. In many cases, the cause of the error is determined after only a few minutes and can be successfully resolved at your home.
  • Common cases where a computer repair can be done on the spot, immediately
    The computer crashes frequently or does not start at all
  • This can be caused by a faulty operating system, and accidentally changed BIOS, missing drivers, defective components or other sources of error. The technician’s computer diagnosis will provide information about this and usually, these problems can be corrected on the spot, immediately.


The infestation of viruses and malicious programs

Many users have ineffective antivirus programs or an incorrectly set firewall to protect the computer. However, these are essential in this day and age, as attacks on home computers continue to increase. These are usually so-called Trojans, which are hidden in documents, music files or pictures. Also, while visiting an unknown website, it is possible for a Trojan to be installed unnoticed on the system.

When downloading mostly free programs, unwanted advertising programs are often installed. Although they do not attack the computer, they cause a lot of trouble with constantly popping up advertising windows.

Our technicians check your computer with an antivirus program and remove all types of viruses and malicious programs.

Very slow or no internet

Errors in the router settings, router placement within the house, or broken fibre optic cables often cause problems with Internet connections. Our technicians check the router settings and cable connections so you can surf the Internet at normal speeds.

If no computer part is defective and needs to be replaced, and your device does not need to go to a shop, most problems can be solved on the spot, immediately. If a part is defective, it may be necessary for a replacement part to be ordered. Only in very rare cases must the technician take your device with him to carry out the repair in the shop.

However, most problems are not caused by defective components, but by a faulty operating system, incompatibility, or other errors in the installed software.

Hard disk failure

If a corrupt hard drive is suspected, the technician will check it with a hard drive diagnostic program. Unless there is a physical defect, these problems can be remedied quickly.

Cases where computer repair cannot be performed immediately
If you need to order replacement parts such as CPU, memory, graphics cards or hard drives, an immediate computer repair is not possible. Each computer has different hardware components. For example, it may be that a memory module (RAM) for a computer built-in 2012 is needed, which the technician is not likely to carry with him. In such a case, the computer repair must be postponed until the proper spare part has arrived.

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