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When it comes to a notebook, it usually seems that newer means faster. Everyone remembers the day they brought home their notebook, cracked it open and enjoyed lightning-fast speeds. Since that day, your notebook’s speed and performance has probably waned, and it can feel like your computer has been slogging along for months or even years.

Depending on where your notebook is in its lifecycle, trying to decide the best option for restoring your computer to its original performance can be overwhelming. If you’ve only had your computer for a few years, does installing more RAM really help? If you’ve had your notebook for ages, will uninstalling unused apps make any difference?

By learning how to speed up your notebook’s performance, you can save a lot of time and stress. Annoyances such as long delays and your laptop operating system or apps freezing can be heavily reduced or a thing of the past.

Knowing how to speed up your notebook is extremely helpful and requires little to no time. We’ve broken down the best ways to speed up your notebook into two sections: quick speed boosts and revamping your computer’s performance.

With this guide, you can take the right steps to freeing your laptop from performance burdens that have plagued it for months. So feel free to call us or come by in person.

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